We are very proud of this website, and consider it to be the most comprehensive and visited Maronite Catholic Church website on the Internet. A Google search of the keywords Lebanese Churches will return a result of our church website appearing in the Number Two position of 2,130,000 websites on the Internet with the words Lebanese Churches in their sites.

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We wish to acknowledge the following people who contributed to the development of this website, and without whose kindness, dedication and volunteer contribution, this website would not be possible. Many thanks for their efforts and support.

  • Former Pastor Father Kamil Al Chouefati, for his guidance, support and advice in improving this website.
  • Former Pastor Monsignor Sami Hayek, without his guidance and support, this site would have been impossible.
  • The Parish Council of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church, who had the vision and foresight to approve the creation and maintenance of this website in April/May of 1998.
  • The late Joseph Daniel, who was so gracious in providing rare documents from his archived personal files including portions of all the historical text.
  • The late Florence Sar Frangos and the late Merhej Sassine, for documenting the History of our Church and the History of the Easton Lebanese.
  • Peter Shaheen, professional photographer, for his beautiful digital photos of our church.
  • John Thomas, who is currently the volunteer webmaster of this site.
  • Stephen Said Constantine (Istantheen), whose idea it was to create this website in the spring of 1998, and who designed & compiled this website in its entirety.